Video Review | Planet Dog Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL


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Video Review | Planet Dog Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL

     Planet DogPlanet Dog Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL

What's not to love about an eco-minded company that turns-out high-quality, unique dog products and supports service dog organizations with 2% from every sale of their merchandise? And their list of workforce initiatives serves as a sterling example for the rest of Corporate America: Invest in your people and you will be rewarded ten-fold. Planet Dog is certainly a tough act to beat.

With its simple design, bamboo core and ergonomic cork handle the Wood Chuck provides maximum chuck-abiilty. Without a doubt, it chucks the ball much further than we could possibly throw it.

Planet Dog Wood Chuck 
Planet Dog's 2.5" Orbee-Tuff balls work perfectly with the Wood Chuck because of the Tuff ball's pliant nature. The Chuck's prongs grasp the ball and hold it firmly so there's no slippage from load to launch.

The Wood Chuck comes with a 2.5" Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL, made from 100% recycled Orbee-Tuff material. You can also use the Orbee Glow-in-the-Dark Whistle ball, Glow for Good ball and the Tennis SPORT ball with the Wood Chuck. Can't wait to try the glowing whistle ball!

This is hands-down, the best performing, best constructed dog ball tosser we've ever tested and knowing that we're helping protect Mother Earth by using a product made from recycled cork scraps and that a portion of our money is going to organizations who raise, train and place service dogs, makes the Wood Chuck even sweeter!           
We absolutely love this product and recommend it as a must-have for every dog owner who likes to play!

Take a peek at our Wood Chuck review video


The Wood Chuck comes with an Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL and sells for $24.95. You can purchase a Wood Chuck on the Planet Dog website at

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Thank you, Pet Secret Shopper! What a heartwarming review! We love the happy puppies and happy people and love what we do. . . . thank you. We are going to repost on our blog, Chew on This!

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