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July 2011


Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps


                          Survival Straps

Survival Straps Collar
 I know, I know another dog collar review, BUT all dog collars are NOT created equal.  For me this is a dog collar that stands above the rest. The Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps is handmade in the U.S.A (YEAH), it's thick, durable, stylish, and the best part about it is.....if you are in an emergency situation or need to help someone out the collar unravels into a durable military grade paracord. 

Use it for a tourniquet, to tie luggage to a car, to help make a shelter during the rain, whatever situation may arise use it!!  Survival Straps will make you a new one.  No really if you need to use the paracord it is Survival Straps guarantee that if you send them your story and $5 to cover shipping (and a picture or 2 if you can) they will mail you a new collar.  How awesome is that?!?

Polar and his Paracord Collar

Survival Straps is dedicated to helping those in uniform.  They have recently teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project to help wounded soldiers with their struggles after returning from the war.  A small company who pride themselves on fantastic customer service make several different products all which can be unraveled to a paracord.  They not only make dog items, but human products too!  To show support of those in uniform they make special products for EMS, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, etc.

The Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps is available on their website in several different color options and start at about $35.

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Barksters Krisps | 100% natural dog treats by Loving Pets

Loving Pets BarkstersWhat could possibly be better than a tasty, all natural, low fat, made in the good ol' USA dog treat? How about a CRUNCHY, tasty, all natural, low fat, made in the good ol' USA dog treat that is air-puffed to achieve maximum crunchiness?

Joey breaks in to the Barksters treats! It appears we have more in common with our furry friends than just a love of treats, they cleary appreciate a really good CRRUUUNNCH too.

Whether sampling the Sweet Potato & Chicken, Brown Rice & Beef or Alfalfa & Liver flavor, makes no difference, our dogs gobble these crispy sensations with gusto which translates to an all-paws-up rating for the treat's taste.

I even nibbled a tiny bite from a Sweet Potato & Chicken Krisp and indeed they do taste like sweet potatoes and chicken!

Joey laments his empty Barksters treat box The low protein content of 8% makes them a safe treat for our Great Dane and the calorie count gives Joey something to bark about too. With only 12 calories per treat, Barksters comes in way ahead of the 200 to 600 calories per treat of some other popular dog treat brands. 

The brand new Barksters Krisps pass the Secret Shopper's test!

You can purchase 5 oz. boxes of Barksters (also wheat free and gluten free) for $6.89 at Pawtastic Pet Suppies or check with your local pet supply store for availability.

Take the PetSugar Dog Treat Calories Quiz and see if you're not surprised by some of the results. 

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Kids-N-Pets Cleaning Products



Kids-N-Pets Stain & Odor Remover Those of you have both kids and pets know how messy and stinky they can be, especially when they play together.  I often find myself looking at the carpet and seeing a new stain, having absolutely no idea where it came from I usually come to the conclusion that it was the kids or the dog. 

The next dilemma I face is what to clean the stain with!?!  I want to use something that works. Something that will remove both the stain and the odor (if there is one), but obviously I do not want to use anything that could possibly be harmful to my children or to my dog.  I have even been known to create my own concoctions from time to time.

I recently came across a brand called Kids-N-Pets.  They have all types of stain and odor removers that are completely safe guessed and pets!  All of their products are made without harsh chemicals and work to remove odors and stains, not just cover them up.

I tested their Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover and was in awe.  My potty training 2 year old had an accident right on the carpet.  I used the Kids-N-Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover both on the carpet and in the laundry.  The clothes came out clean as ever, with absolutely no smell of urine and the carpet came out the same.  I was a little apprehensive, thinking that the stain (or smell) might reappear after a few days, but it's been about a week and there is still no sign of it.  Since then I have also used the Kids-N-Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover to clean up blood and popsicle, both had the same pleasing result.

Kids-N-Pets Deep Clean

I also tested the Kids-N-Pets Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder. You sprinkle it on your carpet before you vacuum and let it sit for a few minutes.  It has a light sent, either fresh citrus or spring green, and oxygen activated dirt removers designed to loosen dirt that you might not be able to see.  After vacuuming it up I did notice that my carpets looked brighter.  My husband even came home from work and asked if I had cleaned the carpets.  My reply was..."yes, but not the way you are thinking"!

I love, love, love these products and just as impressive is the price.  Kids-N-Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover can be purchased at places like Walmart or starting around $5 for 32 oz. while Kids-N-Pets Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder will run you about $10 for 2 16 oz. canisters.

Here are the before and after shots of the stains when my dog decided to run in the house with a popsicle that my son had set on the ground outside.

                        Popsicle Before    Popsicle After

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Amazing animal gifts and collectibles by Blue Witch Ceramics

Blue Witch Ceramics 
I'm always searching for gifts for pet lovers that are not only unique but also well made with plenty of attention to detail, so when I stumbled upon the Blue Witch Ceramics website, my mouse darn near skipped-a-click! 

Blue Witch Ceramics Dane mug

The Blue Witch website is a virtual goldmine of collectibles featuring the most adorable dogs, cats and wild animals lovingly crafted into salt and pepper shakers, coin banks, key chains, mugs and more. But are their creations really as good as they look in cyberspace?

I opened the box from Blue Witch with great anticipation while also steeling myself for the possibility that I might find just another run-of-the-mill, nothing to write home about, kind-of-a-mug. I was as happy as a pup with two tails when I pulled out the most beautiful, hand painted, 3D dog mug I've ever held in my hands.

Blue Witch Giraffe salt & pepper shakers The Dane on the mug not only looks exactly like our own gentle giant, the little guy has so much personality I wouldn't be at all surprised if one day he simply walks off of the cup in his eagerness to play fetch and run with the big dogs! 

This charming work of art was crafted with painstaking attention to detail by the artist who hand painted him. Such a happy little face to greet me with my morning coffee and inspire me as I compose my posts; or perhaps I'll entrust him with the very important duty of holding and guarding my treasured art brushes.

Blue Witch Ceramics surpassed my expectations and passed my test with flying colors! I encourage everyone to visit their website and browse their catalogue of ceramic marvels.

You can choose from a variety of dogs, cats, animals, frogs, aquatic life or flowers to grace your 3D mug. The mugs sell for $39.95 and can be purchased at

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Video Review | Dura Doggie's Beba - treat dispensing squeaky toy

Dura Doggie donates 20% of their profits!I first learned of Dura Doggie last year when I reviewed the Dura Doggie Disc. I was so impressed with how the disc (made with their own "special blend" of rubber), held-up against our Dane's mighty jaws and sharp teeth that I couldn't wait to test their latest creation, the Beba.

Chews from 4 causes! Kaya couldn't wait to test the Beba either! Her excitement quickly spiraled into a state of delirium as she watched her mom load the toy with her favorite treats and heard its irresistible squeak.

Kaya immediately employed a two-part technique for liberating the treats from their pink prison. First, she picks up the Beba in her mouth, takes a step or two and drops it. If no treats escape she then rolls it along the floor with her nose. Smart dog! We cheered her on as she performed this ritual over and over until all of the treats had been released and devoured. Kaya loves the Beba toy!

Watch Kaya as she perfects her Beba technique


Dura Doggie's Beba toy passed the Secret Shopper's test!

And the gravy on this biscuit is that 20% of the profits from your Dura Doggie purchase will go toward helping one of four causes of your choice: Fight Breast Cancer, Save Animals, Save the Planet or Fight Diabetes. Everybody wins! 

You can "Chews Your Cause" and purchase a Beba toy for $13.99 on the website. Check-out their Nebo balls and Dura Doggie Discs while you're there!

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ShedMonster | De-shedding tool for dogs and cats


With a senior Lab who sheds fur faster than Tom Jones sheds bow-ties (or used to), I'm happy to test any product that promises relief from my fur-infested flat!

Ronco Veg-O-Matic My experiences with "As seen on TV" products have been mostly pleasant ones that hearken back to the 70's when my sister and I pooled our allowance together to buy our mom a Ronco Veg-O-Matic for Mother's Day.

With one downward slam that puppy could transform a potato into the most perfectly formed french fries you've ever sacrificed to a pot of boiling grease.

Kaya and the ShedMonster I'm pleased to report that the ShedMonster is another great "As seen on TV" find. While both Joey and Buddha shot me a look of apprehension as I approached them with the new grooming tool, I believe I know the reason for their fear.

I'm afraid I've unintentionally scratched their sensitive skin in the past while brushing them with standard, wire pet brushes. Especially Joey.

Buddha and the ShedMonster But once they felt the smooth edges of the ShedMonster's teeth and their massaging effect, they immediately relaxed and lapped up the spontaneous spa-time. The ShedMonster has absolutely no sharp edges and yet it grabs as much fur as the best bristle brushes I've used in the past. I was particularly impressed with the amount of loose fur it removed from Buddha's coat.

No more scratching, no more pulling. It's nice to know that brushing my babies fur will finally be the pleasant actvity I'd always intended it to be and not something they dread. The ShedMonster passes our test!

The ShedMonster sells for $19.99 and can be purchased at and in-store (call first to make sure your local BB&B has them in-stock).


The 2011 Petties Awards | Vote for your favorite pet blogs in 8 categories

DogTime's 2011 Petties Awards 
The 2011 Petties Award nominations are in! You now have until July 29th to place your votes for your favorite pet blogs and bloggers. DogTime's annual Petties Awards are the only awards nominated by, voted for, and presented to individuals in the pet blogging community.

2011 Petties Awards Neither power surge, nor frozen screen, nor dead wireless mice stays these courageous pet bloggers from the swift completion of their self-appointed posts.

Whether they make us laugh, cry, or inspire us into action on behalf of our four-legged compadres, the best of the best pet bloggers deliver their message with passion and finesse. The Petties give us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on these ardent animal lovers and give them the props they so deserve.

And the best part? DogTime will honor winners with a $1000 donation to the shelter of their choice. What better way to say, "Thank you!" for making a difference in the lives of our furry friends and their furless companions.

The Petties Awards ceremony  will be broadcast via YouTube on August 26th.

Vote for your favorite blog!

Terra Paws | All Natural Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

Shakespeare and his Terra Paws treats Hailey from Terra Paws
Anthony Santarsiero founded Terra Paws with the goal of creating healthy, nutritious pet treats for his dog, Hailey. Using the vitamin packed sweet potato along with USA bred chicken and beef liver (freeze-dried to lock-in the natural vitamins and nutrients), Anthony has served-up some healthy, "guilt-free" treats for all of our pets to enjoy.

Buddha and his Terra Paws treat We sampled both the chicken and beef liver (with sweet potato) treats. The feline reviewers gave the treats a paws-up with Buddha favoring the chicken flavor and Braveheart equally enamored with both. The "hounds" devoured each flavor with the same amount of gusto and hung around for several minutes in hopes that the taste-testing session had not concluded before they had satiated their newfound Terra Paws treat addiction! 

Terra Paws carnage After writing this review, I foolishly left the Terra Paws treats on the dining room table as I proceeded to busy myself with household chores. The photo to the right shows a small samplng of the carnage I walked into the following day. The mess ran from one end of the table to the other. Ya think the cats like these treats?? LOL!

I love the fact that the treats contain only two ingredients, chicken and sweet potato or beef liver and sweet potato. No preservatives, no additives no fillers. What a refreshing change to have the list of ingredients exactly match the advertised flavor. 

Terra Paws All Natural Treats passed the Secret Shopper's test!

Note: I served the Terra Paws treats both dry and re-hydrated, you can also jazz-up your pet's usual (boring) kibble by crumbling and sprinkling the treats on top.

Since Terra Paws treats are freeze-dried, they weigh 75% less than non-freeze-dried treats thus the compact, 3 oz package size (which is equivalent to a 14 oz package of traditional pet treats). The Beef Liver and Sweet Potato and the Chicken and Sweet Potato treats sell for $13.99 and can be purchased online at

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Tagabiner | Pet Tag Holder



 Tagabiner Pet Tag HolderI just discovered what could possibly be a genius invention! The Tagabiner Pet Tag Holder.  With one easy screw you can put your dog's tags on your dog's collar, yes it really is THAT easy.  No more searching for pliers to get the S-hooks on, which are sure to come undone within the next six months. No more broken nails or bent wire trying to get those key chain type holders around the D-ring on the dogs collar!  Not to mention if your dog has more than one collar or a collar and a harness this is the easiest way to make sure your dog's tags can stay on him.  If you have ever had a lost dog you know how important this can be.

Another plus of purchasing the Tagabiner is 10% of all proceeds are donated to charities that help abused and abandoned animals.  The Tagabiner can be purchased online for $10.99 plus $2 for shipping and handling.


5 Paws Up! The Tagabiner gets a 5 paw rating from our review panel! 

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Pet Cooling Mat by Body Cooler


Body Cooler 

Polar on his Pet Cooling Mat  Keeping my pet comfortable is very important to me.  I like my dog to stay warm in the winter and be able to keep cool in the summer.  I don't seem to have much of a problem keeping him warm in the winter, but keeping him cool enough in the summer is another story.  I have a pool and sprinkler to help him cool down.  They work great, but let's face it, having a wet dog all the time can get kind of....well, smelly. Not to mention I don't like stepping in or sitting in the same spot where a wet dog has just been.

The Pet Cooling Mat by Body Cooler offers the perfect alternative.  It comes as a thin flat mat, once soaked in water for about 20 minutes it plumps up quite a bit.  The mat dries on the outside, retaining all the water on the inside which stays cool.  The mat will stay cool for about 3 or 4 days and then you can soak it again.  You can even put it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it extra cold.


 The Body Cooler doesn't just have awesome cooling products for pets, they make stuff for people too!  And if you or your pet need an extra boost staying warm in the winter they offer some pretty cool warming products as well.

The Pet Cooling Mat comes is in 5 different sizes, 4 different colors and is available on the Body Cooler website.  The mats range in price from $10 - $84.

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