Video Review | The Cat Ball - cozy hideaway for small pets by Red Rhino


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Video Review | The Cat Ball - cozy hideaway for small pets by Red Rhino


Jennas Red Rhino  
The Cat Ball
Creative, talented and funny, Jennifer of Jennas Red Rhino has concocted a cat product that has the potential of becoming a staple in cat loving homes across the land. Seriously folks...the Cat Ball has bowled my family over with its versatility, flexibility and its popularity among the Kitty Review Crew!  

Buddha in his Cat BallBuddha is always looking for a dark place to curl-up in and often pesters me relentlessly until I bend my knees and make a tent out of our bed covers at night.

For Buddha it was love at first site. As soon as I tossed the Cat Ball on the floor he gave it a quick sniff, entered and settled-in for a blissful respite. 

Soft and generously padded, it gives him the enclosed space he craves with the added benefit of peepholes so he can keep an eye on everything going on around him. Buddha spends several hours a day in his Cat Ball, sleeping, playing, bathing and just hanging-out. I want a Cat Ball big enough for me to slip inside!

It's fun to dangle toys in front of the portholes and watch him twist and turn causing the Cat Ball to roll all over the floor. The Cat Ball has two openings, one larger than the other. Buddha kitty doesn't seem to have a preference as to which hole he enters or exits through. 

See all the ways Buddha enjoys his Cat Ball in our video review


You can purchase one of Jennifer's Cat Balls on her new website for $79. There are several patterns to choose from or you can supply your own material ($67).

The Cat Balls are selling as fast as Jennifer can make them so get your order in before the holiday rush. Please allow 7-10 days for Jennifer to create and ship your custom Cat Ball.

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