Video Review | Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy by Vee Enterprises


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Video Review | Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy by Vee Enterprises

Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy by Vee Enterprises
Buddha taking a swipe at the Pouncer!You can take the cat out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the cat! Cats like to stalk, pounce, bat, attack and carry their prey to their den. Playing keeps them healthy and happy, and when they're happy, we're all happy!

While our kitties enjoy playing solitaire with their catnip toys, bell balls and my shoelaces, they really light-up at the prospect of a little interactive play-time with mom or dad. Enter the Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy...

Indy, ready to leap!The Purrfect Pouncer is made of a flexible wand, a thick leather lace and a generous selection of chicken and rooster feathers that the cats find irresistible! 

I especially love when the cats act like they don't notice the toy dangling 4" from their furry faces, only to reach out with lightning speed and swipe the faux bird with their mighty tiger paws.

It's also fun to slowly pull the feathers along the floor, snake-style, and watch them crouch and attack.

Watch Indy & Buddha's video review of the Purrfect Pouncer


They've batted, clawed and chewed the Pouncer repeatedly and we have yet to find one lost feather on the floor. The feathers seem more secure and much more abundant on the Pouncer than they have on other feather pole toys we've tried. Well deserving of the Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award for 2011!

You can purchase the Purrfect Pouncer Cat Toy online at for $7.40.

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Great video. We tested the Purrfect Pouncer cat toy in our Siberian Cattery and the cats went absolutely wild over it! We highly recommend this wonderful product in our online cat shop.

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