By Nature | Natural Adult Formula Cat Food


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By Nature | Natural Adult Formula Cat Food

By Nature Natural Pet FoodsCats are notoriously finicky eaters and the members of our Kitty Review Crew are no exception. We're never quite sure how they're going to react to new foods or treats, however their reaction to an unguarded bag of By Nature's Adult Dry Cat Food left on the living room floor made their opinions quite clear.

Exhibit A: Buddha and the torn bag of By Nature cat foodI submit the photo (right) as Exhibit A. As you can see, I found the bag of food covered in tiny tooth marks, torn open, and missing a considerable amount of its contents. 

Evidently they found the aroma drifting from the bag irresistible and became obsessed with devouring it's crunchy bounty. Breaking into the food before the review is our cat's way of saying, "WE LUV DIS FUD!"

I like the fact that By Nature's pet foods (both dry and canned), are all natural, contain real chicken, beef, and turkey with no soy, wheat, or corn. There's an interesting article on the website that explains why chicken meal is better than "non-rendered" chicken. I had no idea!

Pet Secret Shopper's 5 Paw Rating5 cat burglar paws up for By Nature Cat Food!

You can purchase By Nature Adult Cat Formula and Kitten Formula online at Prices range from $9.99 to $34.99.

Global-pet-expo-logo-ss-120By Nature | 2012 Global Pet Expo Exhibitor

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Natural pet food… That’s what I like to hear. I have been using the "entrees" cat food for a while. My cat seems to love it a lot.

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