FroliCat BOLT Laser Interactive Pet Toy from My Three Cats


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FroliCat BOLT Laser Interactive Pet Toy from My Three Cats

by Guest Blogger: Peoria Cat Tales

FroliCat BOLT Laser Toy from MyThreeCats.comBOLT is one of the best names they could have come up with for this toy.  I have two extremely playful cats and when they hear me tap on the laser and call their names they come running.   They literally  Bolt from their naps and start chasing the little red pin point laser everywhere.

You can place it anywhere, turn on the timer and let it go.  I especially  like the tilt-able mirror which changes the height of the laser.  When it is on high they jump from one chair to another and on low they slide all over the wooden floors trying to catch the dot!

I really like having the option of either holding the BOLT Laser Toy in my hand to manipulate the laser dot or setting the 15 minute timer.

The only suggestion I would make would be to not place it on the floor and leave.  The cats are so curious they just want to get up close and see the laser which is not good for their eyes! It is definitely worth buying as it is sturdy enough to last forever!


You can purchase the BOLT Laser Toy for $19.95 at The FroliCat BOLT Laser Toy looks like great fun for dogs too!

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I bought one of these at Petco and it did not work. In fact the sales person said they have had several returned.

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