Solvit Kitty'scape Cat Tower


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Solvit Kitty'scape Cat Tower

by Guest Blogger Patrick Holwell

Solvit Products
It was a good day when we received the Solvit Kitty’scape Deluxe Cat Tower.  The unique thing about the Kitty’scape concept is that its parts can be assembled in a variety of ways. You can have a wide structure or can build a tower that reaches up over five feet. 

Atticus chillin' on the Kitty'scapeWe had fun with the Kitty’scape. First we experimented with building a low, wide structure, but then we changed it into a tall tower. Our kittens, Atticus and Scout LOVE their Kitty’scape Cat Tower! They especially enjoy the penthouse canopy at the top of the structure, as well as the higher platforms.

This is an excellent quality product. The parts are stout plastic or wood, and clearly well made. They all fit together properly, and everything was in the box that was supposed to be. Our Kitty’scape Deluxe Cat Tower was easy to assemble and everything we hoped it would be. It was fun to be creative with how we put it together.

Scout & Atticus playing on the Kitty'scapeKitty’scape really is a unique design for a cat play structure, and was easy to assemble.  Comparatively, Solvit Kitty’scape products are quite competitive in price. We tested the deluxe kit, which retails for $150. You can also get the Intermediate Kit for around $105 and the Basic Kit for around $75. If you wish, you can get other accessories, such as the Scratching Plate and the Adventure Bridge, the Hammock, and a variety of other expansion parts.

This is a fun product that is competitively priced, of good quality and most important, FUN for your cats! Atticus and Scout recommend it heartily!

You can purchase the Solvit Kitty'scape Cat Tower online at

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I really dig the combinations of components here. It's the full cat tower package, with scratching posts, different levels, and a couple condos.

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